Finding the perfect outfits for your boudoir session can be kind of overwhelming.

I genuinely GET IT. With so many different places to shop, styles to consider, colors + cuts, etc. it can literally feel like your brain is on overload while trying to narrow down all the options available to you. This short and sweet outfit guide has been created to give you a stepping stone towards curating the perfect vibe for your day of empowerment with Head to Curve!


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Not a fan of lingerie? Don't really want to buy something new? Take a look around your closet. Your fave shirt + panty combo or a loose sweater/cardigan can really give that I woke up like this sexiness in the studio.


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Bodysuits are the literal heroes of the lingerie world. Seriously! Anybody who's anybody has probably worn one in their lifetime. They come in so many different styles making them such a versatile option for even the *most opinionated* shopper.


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Looking for a more customized fit? Definitely consider a set, especially If you're someone who needs a different sized bra + panty. This is an amazing way to get pieces you KNOW will hug your body perfectly!


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I know these styles are usually "frowned upon" by boudoir photographers, but I'm not one of them. If something a bit more full coverage is up your alley, one of these will be a great option for you!


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A white sheet is a less intimidating way to approach nudity in the studio. Not to mention, it’s such an amazing feeling to be able to genuinely re-connect with your body in a way you've never done before.


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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let me select a few options from the Curve Closet for you! The Curve Closet is my growing collection of curated lingerie pieces in sizes 6X-XS. This option is available to all clients for their experience.

Some things to keep in mind:


Steer clear of anything that feel too tight on your body. Your pieces should fit snuggly, but not to the point where your breasts (if ya have 'em) are spilling out or parts of your outfit are cutting into your body uncomfortably throughout your experience, etc.


Black, earth tones, neutrals, and jewel tones are gorgeous and photograph beautifully on EVERYONE. I also encourage clients to consider the undertone of their skin when making outfit selections. However, don't let this stop you from rocking a color you're obsessed with outside of these suggestions!


Variety is the spice of life.. and the boudoir studio. I typically clients to bring in at least two different options (style + color) plus a moment with just the sheets, if comfortable. This will give you 3 different looks + lots of options when making your final selections! Don't forget, there's always the Curve Closet, too 🔥