I'm Keara, the person behind all things Head to Curve!

I created Head to Curve with humans of all shapes, shades and sizes in mind because representation matters deeply to me. Growing up, I didn’t see bodies like mine being desired and celebrated the same way smaller ones were. These same sentiments rang true when I scoured the local boudoir community in hopes of finding a photographer for my own experience. It was frustrating to feel like my body still wasn't good enough for an experience like boudoir, even with all the work I've done to stop hiding and finally embrace my forever home with more ease.

I was encouraged by my circle of support to create the business + space I so desperately wanted to see. In 2021, I introduced Head to Curve to the rest of the world and haven't looked back! Connecting with so many different humans + showing them that beauty exists in everyone through the celebration of their own body is such a privilege. The trust each of you place in me the minute you reach out is something I don't ever take for granted. When you're ready, best believe I'll be here with open arms!

Plus Size Boudoir
Plus size boudoir pose splits
more about me:

My better half gifted with my first real camera during the pandemic. I learned lighting + composition, how to work in manual, posing and editing by photographing myself + him. That eventually turned into my friends, and their friends, and their friends' friends. I found out very quickly that boudoir photography is my absolute passion, and everything else slowly fell into place.




Keara is such a guiding light to others. Using her purpose to make others feel good, she is the dictionary definition of selfless. Her heart is so warm and her energy is so pure. I'm so grateful for the relationship I've cultivated with her!