I thought I was a badass, then I met Katrina.

She came in six weeks post-op from back surgery when we met for her experience. Thankfully, she had been cleared to twist and start working on bendy-like movement. Idk if she mentioned her upcoming session to her doc, but lucky me, right?!

Katrina has been a follower of Head to Curve for a little while now. I've worked with a few of her friends, so when she expressed interest in my 'boudie call' I knew I wanted to have her come into the studio and collaborate! I initially planned to photograph content for Valentine's Day, but decided to go in a different direction and I'm SO glad we did.

Why did you choose Head to Curve for your boudoir experience?

You were recommended by a number of my friends, numerous times, and I knew a session with you was something I was going to do. For some reason, when you put the boudie call out, I felt it was the right time… despite knowing full well I had major surgery scheduled six weeks before. But I trusted my gut and I’m so glad I did!

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session?

I actually thought quite a bit in the weeks before my session about exactly how naked I wanted my butt to be. I basically had a modesty angel on one shoulder and an exhibitionist devil on the other, and the devil won out 🤣🤣

What was your favorite part about your session? Would you change anything?

My favorite part was chilling with amazing people and feeling pretty and sexy and totally comfortable. Oh, and the booty shots ended up being some of my favorites from the session! If you could repeat this experience, what would you change? I’d do it when I can do more adventurous poses!