Head to Curve celebrated International Women's Day by gifting one lucky human with a boudoir experience.

Kelcey (she/her) is the badass babe behind Dreamy Hue Creative. She handcrafts trendy polymer clay earrings, pins, barrettes, and whatever else comes to mind (I've linked her IG above, but check out some of her earrings below). We connected over our love for Ashley Flowers + all things true crime, future playdates since our kids are the same age, being plus size babes, running a small business as a creative, and lots more! I mean she was basically instant bestie material 😍 when she ended up being the winner of my International Women's Day giveaway, I was geeked to FINALLY meet in person!

She made the trip up to Grand Rapid from Kalamazoo for the day. The studio rented was quite literally the perfect place to highlight this sweet human; a little quirky, colorful, warm and charming. We eased into things with a few cute business portraits + flat lays of some of her favorite pairs of earrings before transitioning into the body empowerment portion of our time. She even brought in a few spray paint cans as a nod to her better half, Guillermo, who is a mural artist + manages the legal graffiti wall in the Creston neighborhood alongside her.

What were you most nervous about coming in for your session?

Honestly? I was nervous about EVERYTHING! This was the first time I’ve done anything like this, but I’m so glad I did it. Keara kept me comfortable and laughing the entire time, and I can’t stop looking at my photos. I’m seriously so happy with how everything turned out!

If you could repeat this experience, what would you change?

Nothing - my hope is to book another session someday!

Spill the tea: what was your favorite part?

That surge of confidence in myself and my body. I could feel the difference as I moved around the studio from the time things started until we were finished - it was literally the best feeling EVER!

What advice would you give someone who's thinking about booking a session?

What are you waiting for? BOOK. THE. SESSION. You don't have to stress out about your outfits, the way your hair looks, not having fancy makeup done, etc.

You are literally in the best hands possible. Keara actually wants you to come as you are and is ready to celebrate that. Let yourself have fun and enjoy the process because you're SO worth it!