Nicole and I have been internet homies for a minute now. After seeing all her Pinterest-worthy crafts, parties, and meals, I had built a massive adoration for this woman who could (and quite literally does) do it all! Fast-forward to when I eventually started Head to Curve, Nicole was one of my first followers and has since showered the community with endless celebration + support every time a new human is highlighted! We connected a bit more and she always teased about how much of a dream it would be to work with me.

Now, this is about where Nicole's long-time friend Crystal comes into the picture, Crystal inquired about a session with Head to Curve, and ended up rounded out the end of my 2022 season. It ended up being such a beautiful day in the studio; she brought in an amazing set from Thistle and Spire (one of my personal fave woman-owned lingerie brands), the lighting was immaculate, and the vibes of her gallery were the perfect mix of sweet AND spicy 🔥 Crystal chatting about her time in the studio must have genuinely resonated with Nicole because 2 months later we were in the studio for her own day of empowerment!

We've kept in touch since then (I still think she's a gem - shocker lol). My hopes are that she'll maybe eventually grace me with her beauty in the studio again real soon 😉 until then, check out what else she had to say about working with HTC + her beautiful gallery:

"I never thought I could feel this beautiful and confident in my own skin, but here I am! Learning to love myself and take up space. Thanks to Keara for empowering me to celebrate my curves and embrace my body just the way it is. These boudoir photos are a reminder of my long journey towards self-love, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. I truly cannot recommend working with Head to Curve enough. Regardless of where you are on your journey with your body, you deserve to be celebrated and to take up space."

Why did you choose Head to Curve for your boudoir experience?

The energy I feel when I look at Head to Curve images is unmatched. I have never really been able to scroll through a photographers instagram and seen such beautiful images showcasing people of all different shapes, sizes, and gender identities. Most boudoir photography I’ve seen with plus size models have bad poses that camouflage the model’s body; the fact that head to curve celebrates everybody equally makes me feel seen and confident.

What were you the most nervous about coming into your session? Would you change anything about the day?

I was nervous about not knowing what to do with my face and body. I don’t have much experience being photographed outside of a few family photos, but Keara was so helpful with posing. I felt completely comfortable and confident with her direction. The ONLY thing I would change is not waiting so long to finally do it!!

What was your favorite part about your session? Favorite outfit?

I loved letting loose and celebrating myself and my body as it is. I’ve struggled with my body image for most of my life and have missed out on so many things as a result. It was so freeing and healing (and fun) to just let it go and celebrate myself, as is without feeling like I needed to hit a certain goal or milestone first. I’m proud of who I am and Keara made me feel so seen and celebrated.  My favorite outfit was my bell-sleeved burgundy set from Savage X Fenty. I think it's so flirty and fun but still really sexy.